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Over these 3 days of LIVE Training, I'll be breaking down every step, tactic, and strategy you need to know in order to permanently lower your tax bill so you never leave Uncle Sam a tip again in 2021

From The Desk Of Karla Dennis, 

Dear TaxPayer, 

Over the last three months we invited a handful of our top tax strategist friends to help our chief tax officer at our firm learn about how these new tax laws could be affected by the new administration find ways we could help our clients save money though these little understood and highly overlooked aspects of the tax code no one has been paying attention to. 

We decided we wanted to expose it to our community to take advantage of something that very few people know about

This is a strategy involving a tax code the government has been hiding from the american public since 1954. Even though it's completely legal and we are bringing it to light 

In Fact, Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook and Charlie Monger used this secret strategy just recently… 

Even Forbes recently called this strategy “ one of the most under the radar strategies of our time: 

For example, some of these strategies have saved some of our clients over $100K a year in taxes through this one small secret we found. 

Example: Before the new secret Client owed 502K in taxes 

After this secret we found, they  saved over 100K +

But see you don’t have to be making as much money as they do, this will work even if you are a new business or w-2 employee to help you save on taxes and even get a bigger tax refund. 

That's why I decided to create this all new challenge, to tell you the truth and share with you the research I've learned over the last 6 months.  

But these strategies could be gone any day by now. So we want to create a 3 day challenge to teach our community how they can take advantage of the tax code and put more money in their pockets for only 250 of our members. 

As you’ll see this will be a godsend to anyone looking to lower their tax bill, keep more money in their pocket or get more cash back from the government during this new post COVID economy and new administration.

After you complete these 3 LIVE classes you will:
  • Learn how the top 1% are using the under the radar obscure “162 rule” to bypass any Biden tax hikes to keep their tax bill low (but, hurry they might disallow this any-day by now) 
  • Learn shocking information from a IRS insider who is exposing secrets on how they plan to ratchet up more audits this year and how you can avoid the mayhem
  • No longer depend on CPA’s Or Bookkeepers For Tax Advice 
  • ​Know everything you need to know to set up your business entity properly
  • ​Have a step by step plan to audit proof your business from the IRS 
  • ​If your a W-2 Employee, learn how to get yourself in the tax system for “the rich” so you can write off almost anything and get more money back from the government
  • ​We reviewed over 6,000+ tax returns and give you the biggest tips that help people save money on taxes and get bigger refunds. 
  • ​You’ll receive incredible bonuses (cheatsheets, scripts, Tax Reduction Framework training) upon registration for the Challenge AND
  • ​You’ll have a chance to win some incredible prizes almost every day! Prizes and Giveaways include: a new iPhone 12, MacBook Air, Amazon Gift Cards and more. AND.


(250 spots available) This 3 Day LIVE And Highly-Interactive Challenge Will Help You Get Clear On How to permanently lower your tax bill (without fearing the IRS)

Under the new administration there are imminent strategies we are exposing that could be shut down any day by now. This is urgent information for our community!!!

Over these 3 days of LIVE coaching calls, I'll be breaking down every step, tactic, and strategy you need to know in order to permanently lower your tax bill

When: Monday, August 2nd through Wednesday, August 4th - Starting Daily @ 10AM PST/1PM EST

Where: Online in Private Facebook Group 

Why: Live Interactive Training to help you permanently lower your tax bill under the new Biden administration (time sensitive strategies and secrets being revealed) Make sure to join before the IRS begins to close some of these underground strategies we found. 

Here's A Recap of


When You Accept The Tax Reduction Challenge Today!

Discover all the legal “tax loopholes” available to you that can help keep your hard-earned money in your bank account (instead of “tipping” the IRS each year!). 

Never again be afraid of the IRS boogeyman! Know your tax rights so you can operate your business and financial life without fear of being audited! 

Get proven tax and financial strategies that will allow you to legally keep more of the money you make each year so you can build lasting wealth for your family! 

Learn how the rich get richer so you can play the same game (or continue to get up every day, work hard and pay through the nose in taxes… it’s up to you!). 

If your a W-2 employee learn how to get yourself into the “tax system for the rich” so your able to drive more write offs and get back more refunds from the government 

Gain access to Karla and her team of tax experts to get answers to any tax questions you have now or in the future (this can save you THOUSANDS of dollars! During this 3 day period) 

You have 3 Days, Starting August 1st...
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